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Driving Instructor Jobs in Bury St Edmunds

Considering a career change? Would you prefer to:

  • Be your own Boss
  • Earn between £30K-£50K
  • Change the lives of others by teaching them a vital life-skill

Have you considered retraining as a Driving Instructor?

Teaching driving skills is a very rewarding job. You will be helping people from all walks of life to learn a skill that can and will open doors for them. You will be giving them freedom and choices in life that they can’t get if they rely solely on public transportation, especially in rural locations like Bury St Edmunds. That is an amazing thing to do for people, and it takes a very special individual to take the task on.

Whilst job satisfaction is important, the ability to be your own boss must tick some boxes too. Being able to work around family and other commitments is becoming increasingly important, especially for those with young families or caring responsibilities.

All these benefits, and the opportunity to earn up to £50K a year, makes it a very attractive option indeed.

Why train to be a Driving Instructor with NxtGen?

Here at NxtGen Driving Academy, we have developed, honed, and perfected a first-class Driving Instructor training course. After completing your training and gaining your driving instructor qualifications you will be able to:  

  • Deliver driving lessons to students in Bury St Edmunds and the local area
  • Plan and manage your own schedule
  • Earn between £30K – £50K per year
  • Meet new people and teach them a life-changing skill
  • Job satisfaction

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What do I need to become a driving instructor?  

To become a driving instructor, you will need to meet the pre-qualification criteria set out by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), which is:  

  • Be at least 21 years old 
  • Have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years 

If you meet the above criteria, to train to become a driving teacher with NxtGen, you will need to take a few more steps, these are:

  • DBS Criminal Records Check
    You must apply for a criminal record check even if you have one already. You can apply online or by post. You can find more information about the Disclosures & Barring Service here, including how to apply.
  • Apply for your ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)
    Once your criminal record checks have been received, you can start the application process to become a driving instructor. You will need your driving licence number, details of any disqualifications, motoring or non-motoring offences, and any information on court cases that are being bought against you.

More information is available here.

Who cannot be a driving instructor 

Whilst we want to encourage all who wish to be driving instructors as much as possible, some people will not be suitable.

Your application will be rejected by the ADI Registrar, if any of the following applies:  

  • If you have been banned from driving 
  • If you have 6 or more points on your licence 
  • If you have convictions for non-motoring offences

If any of the following apply, it is likely that your application for an ADI licence will be rejected:

  • You have been convicted of violent, sexual, financial or drug-related crime
  • You have been banned from working with children

What do I get by applying for my ADI with NxtGen 

With the NxtGen franchise expansion into Bury St Edmunds, you have the choice of three franchise packages. Here are some of the services we offer:

The financing of training can be full or partial, depending on the package chosen.

  • A fully insured and maintained dual-control training vehicle.
  • A professional NxtGen branded uniform.
  • Access to the diary management and scheduling system for students.
  • With advertising and stickers, you can promote your brand and your business.
  • Individuals can take free courses for routine check-ups as part of their career growth.
  • With “Train now, pay later” and flexible financing options, there are no up-front charges.
  • We offer our clients round-the-clock customer service, as well as additional business advice and support for teachers.
  • Franchise-free weeks occur twice a year.

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How does driving instructor training work at NxtGen 

NxtGen ADI Training has three stages, these are:  

Part 1 – Theory-based 

To pass to part 2, trainees must answer 100 driving theory questions, and to pass they need to get 85 of the questions right. All training materials and driving theory books are provided to you.  

Part 2 – Practical-based 

You will have to take – and pass – your driving test again. The practical test takes 60 minutes, and you must get fewer than six minor faults. To pass this stage you will need to cover 20 hours of driving tuition prior to taking the test to ensure you drive to the highest possible standard.  

Part 3 – Teaching-based 

To begin teaching learner drivers you will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours of Part 3 training to get your PDI Training Licence. PDI Training Licenses last for six months and a further 20 hours will need to be completed before you take your part 3 test.    

This gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn. The Part 3 test lasts for one hour and requires that you take a pupil with you so the DVSA Examiner can inspect your level of tuition.  

NxtGen Driving Academy 

If you would like to become your own boss, teach people a vital and life-changing skill, manage your own schedule and make a good living from it, then becoming a driving instructor in Bury St Edmunds may be a good fit for you.  

If you would like to find out more about this exciting opportunity, then you can book a call with us to arrange your driving instructor training or contact us to get the ball rolling.  

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