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Learn to be a driving instructor, with years in the industry and an ever-growing company, we know how to train driving instructors to the best of their ability. Read below to find out what’s required, costs and the benefits of becoming a driving instructor.

Our Driving Instructor Franchise

Training the teachers of tomorrow

Are you searching for a unique franchise opportunity? NxtGen has been in operation since 2014 and continuously seeks ways to assist driving instructors. One of our key strengths is providing excellent value for your investment, with franchise packages specifically designed to support driving instructors in building their business under the esteemed NxtGen brand. We also offer Bespoke Franchise Options along with an Employed Driving Instructor Option.

Join our Franchise

Features Gold Silver Bronze
Training Funded
Car Insurance
Business Support/Digital Diary
ADI Standards Support
Replacement Car
24 Month Contract POA POA POA
36 Month Contract POA POA POA

*All prices based depend on how miles per year. Weekly fees would increase £10.00 per week per 5000 miles per year.


With decades of experience within the industry, we’ve created the perfect franchise model following a trusted and tested framework to instil the driving instructors of tomorrow with the tools they need to create a flourishing business in their own part of a well known company.  Therefore, whether you desire a budget-friendly, fully-equipped car package, require a consistent supply of students, or seek a comprehensive, all-inclusive solution, we have the ideal answer to meet your needs.

How much does it cost to be a franchisee NxtGen driving instructor?

Franchised driving instructors that work on behalf of Team NxtGen will be charged a weekly fee depending on which package they have chosen.

Training costs £1999.99 and can be paid in one lump sum, on a pay as you go basis, or monthly basis over 6, 9, or 12 months. We believe our contracts offer you good value for money. Based on first-hand experience of being part of a franchise, we believe it can be done better and cheaper this way!

The prices below are for a limited time only until 1st June 2024. All packages will require a £650.00 deposit and are based on vehicle usage of 25,000 miles per year.

Interested in becoming an employed ADI?

Check out our employed model below

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