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Driving Lessons in Ipswich

NxtGen Driving Academy is one of the Southeast’s fastest growing driving schools, who offer both manual and automatic lessons. Weekly or bi-weekly lessons with NxtGen are a great way to build confidence on the road. Our instructors are understanding, supportive, and strive to create a relaxed environment.

If you are ready to learn to drive in Ipswich, contact the team at NxtGen Driving Academy today to book your first lesson!

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How Ipswich will test your driving skills

The roads of Ipswich have more than enough to offer to prepare a motorist for a lifetime of driving. Whether navigating the waterfront and its many bridges, or navigating tight city centre streets, you’ll find ample opportunity to put your theory to use, and develop your practical skills.

In the city centre itself, there are a large number of roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. These give you the chance to get to grips with the stop-start pace of town driving. With pedestrianised zones and one-way systems throughout the town, students will quickly learn how to read road signs and adapt on-the-go. The town centre is also a great place to learn how to parallel park!

But driving lessons in Ipswich aren’t just about a drive to the shops. Quieter suburban streets offer a great place to practice your manoeuvres and emergency stops. Also, nearby A roads like the A14 are a perfect place for you to learn how to drive on busy dual carriageways. This will prepare you for motorway driving once you pass your test.

If you learn to drive in Ipswich, you’ll pick up a versatile range of driving skills. From the stop-start bustle of the town centre, to smooth slip roads, you’ll see every side of driving.

Of course, taking on the town centre as a learner can seem scary. To help you drive with confidence, you should opt for driving lessons with the supportive instructors at NxtGen Driving Academy.

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Manual Lessons

We cover manual driving lessons across the UK. Our approved driving instructors are ready and waiting to help you pass your practical driving test and offer guidance on your theory test too, whenever you need them.

All NxtGen vehicles are fitted with dual controls, allowing your instructor to control the clutch from the passenger seat to help you out when you need it. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve had some lessons in the past but gave up, Team NxtGen can get you test-ready in no time!

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Automatic Lessons

Do you own an automatic vehicle that you want to drive after passing your test? We offer automatic driving lessons throughout the UK to help you get to grips with the road without a manual gearbox. Without a clutch pedal, it’s easier to learn how the roads work and focus on your driving technique.

We find that automatic driving lessons are very popular among disabled learner drivers, and our instructors can work with you to gain your freedom on the road.

Note: If you pass an automatic driving test you will only be able to drive cars with automatic gearboxes. If you want to be able to legally drive automatic and manual cars, you’ll need to pass a manual driving test.

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Intensive Driving Courses

Are you in a hurry to pass your driving test? If you have the time to dedicate, we offer intensive driving courses over a period of days to equip you with all the manoeuvres and knowledge necessary to pass your theory and practical driving tests.

Our intensive courses are currently available in Sudbury, Ipswich, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds, Lowestoft, Portsmouth and many more areas! We can tailor intensive driving courses to suit your experience level – whether you’re a complete beginner or someone that’s recently failed a test and needs more practice and support, Team NxtGen is here when you need us.

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