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Manual Driving Lessons

We offer manual driving lessons through Suffolk, Norfolk, Staffordshire, parts of Essex, Cambridgeshire, Sussex, North Wales, Cheshire and many more places across the UK. Our approved driving instructors (ADIs) can give you regular practical driving lessons to get you ready to pass your DVSA practical driving test, giving you the freedom to drive manual and automatic cars on public roads. Take a look at our price list and contact us with any questions.


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Book your first Manual Driving Lesson

If you don’t want to learn to drive as part of an intensive course, we would recommend once or twice weekly manual driving lessons. This will enable you to gain experience driving at different times of the day and different volumes of traffic on the roads. With every session, your NxtGen driving instructor will do their best to create a relaxed environment that makes it easy to absorb everything you’ve learnt.

Get behind the wheel of NxtGen’s state-of-the-art dual-control cars

You may have seen NxtGen Driving Academy-branded vehicles out and about on your travels. One thing is for certain, all manual NxtGen vehicles you learn in will have all the technology you need to get experience on the road and practice your manoeuvres.

For ultimate peace of mind, all manual NxtGen learner vehicles are dual-control, which means that your NxtGen instructor can also control the clutch from the passenger seat to help you out when you need it. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve had some lessons in the past but gave up, we can get you test-ready in no time.

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