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Driving Instructor Training

Learn to be a driving instructor, with years in the industry and an ever-growing company, we know how to train driving instructors to the best of their ability. Read below to find out what’s required, costs and the benefits of becoming a driving instructor.

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What’s required to become a NxtGen Driving Instructor?

Becoming a driving instructor is a great career choice. You’re always on the move, meeting new people and empowering them to learn how to drive. Training to become a driving instructor for NxtGen Driving Academy is not an overnight process. This can be a benefit to some potential instructors, with the ability to complete the training with 4-6 weeks once the application process has been completed or longer, depending on your lifestyle and existing work commitments.

Before you begin, we must insist on a compulsory DBS check first, which is a requirement by the DVSA. Once this has been returned to you and there are no implications that prevent you from becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI), you can submit a driving instructor application form to the DVSA.

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How does our instructor training work?

The NxtGen ADI training is conducted in three stages:

Part 1
Part 1 is theory-based. Trainees must answer 100 driving theory questions and answer at least 85 correctly to pass to Part 2. All training materials and theory books are provided to give you the best possible chance of passing with flying colour’s.

Part 2
Part 2 is practical-based. You will be required to take – and pass – your driving test again. You must drive for 60 minutes and receive less than six minor faults. To pass this stage you will also need to cover 20 hours of driving tuition before taking your test, ensuring you drive to the highest possible standard.

Part 3
Part 3 is teaching-based. You will be able to start teaching learner drivers on a PDI Training Licence once you have completed a minimum of 40 hours of Part 3 training. The PDI Training Licence lasts for six months and a further 20 hours will need to be completed prior to taking your Part 3 test.

This will give you the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time, whilst developing the skills necessary to complete the Part 3 test within six months of your PDI Training Licence. The Part 3 test lasts for one hour and requires you to take a pupil with you so a DVSA Examiner can inspect your level of tuition.

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What’s it like working as a NxtGen driving instructor?

Becoming an ADI is a rewarding job. If you work a 40-hour week, you could turn over £1,600 before deductions. This is based on a £40.00 per hour rate. After all deductions, including your fuel (£165 per week on average), the franchise fee, your weekly take home before tax could be £1125.00 This works out approximately £50,240 per year, with two weeks franchise-free per year.

The flexibility of this job is that you can work as many or as little hours as you wish, fitting your new career in and around you and your family. There is also the added benefit of being your own boss, with the safety net of NxtGen Driving Academy providing the support and work you need to thrive.



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