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Intensive Driving Courses in Bury St Edmunds

NxtGen Driving Academy are proud to offer a range of intensive driving courses in Bury St Edmunds for drivers of all levels.

An intensive course is the perfect solution for learners with limited time or a limited budget. Rather than tackling a couple of lessons a week over several months, an intensive driving course takes place across just a handful of weeks. In that time, learners will take part in extended driving lessons each day.

To begin your intensive driving course in Bury Edmunds you’ll need to have passed your theory. Fortunately, NxtGen Driving Academy can offer a hand with that too!

For learners looking to quickly get to grips with the wheel and pass their test sooner, an intensive driving course could be the answer.

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A Choice of Intensive Driving Courses

An intensive course aims to get you driving as soon as possible. But at NxtGen, we know that every driver is different. That’s why we offer a wide range of intensive driving courses in Bury St Edmunds tailored to different needs. That means much more than a choice between automatic and manual.

  • For learners with no experience, we offer a 30 hour intensive course that will take them from starting up a car for the first time, to accomplishing complex manoeuvres in a safe manner. We’ll tackle everything a new learner needs to succeed on the road.
  • For drivers who lack experience and confidence, we also offer an intensive course that takes things a little slower. Our 40 hour intensive course is all about creating confident drivers who will happily face the road alone.
  • For experienced or confident learners, a 20 hour mini intensive course is available. Perhaps you’ve tackled a few driving lessons before, but want to get test ready today. During this course, learners will quickly get to grips with navigating the road.
  • Finally, for learners who have taken on their practical test before, but missed the mark, we offer 10 to 15 hour rescue courses. These intensive driving lessons aim to quickly build back confidence and brush up a learner’s blind spots to ready them for test success.

Alongside each of these courses we can arrange bookings for theory or practical tests, and provide online theory training.

Get Road-Ready with NxtGen Driving Academy

For many learners, the pace of weekly driving lessons may seem too slow. Often it can be hard to remember what you’ve learnt a week ago. We design our intensive driving courses in Bury St Edmunds to help learners maintain their momentum.

With several lessons a day in an automatic or manual car, NxtGen Driving Academy can have drivers test-ready in a matter of weeks!

If you’d like to book an intensive driving course in Bury St Edmunds, reach out to us today. Simply give us a call, email us or get in touch via our website.

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