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Intensive Driving Lessons in Sudbury

Have you just received your provisional licence and just can’t wait to take your driving test? Perhaps you feel confident with most of your driving abilities and only need to focus on some key areas? If so, intensive driving lessons in Sudbury will get you ready for your driving test within weeks.

Here at NxtGen Driving Academy, we offer intensive driving courses in Sudbury for both manual and automatic vehicles. Our intensive driving lessons are designed to get you ready for your test quickly, while also building your confidence. Read on to find out why you should book in for intensive driving lessons in Sudbury.

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Our Range of Intensive Driving Courses

We offer a range of intensive driving lessons in Sudbury that cater for your individual level of confidence and experience. Our courses include:

● 20-hour mini intensive course. Suitable for confident and experienced learner drivers.

● 30-hour intensive course. Suitable for learner drivers who are confident but have no experience yet.

● 40-hour intensive course. Suitable for learner drivers who lack confidence and experience yet are keen to try.

Each of these courses includes bookings for your theory and driving tests, as well as free access to online theory training.

In addition, we also feature a 10-15 hour rescue course. This rescue course is designed for learners who failed their test to relearn key areas before they attempt their test again. The rescue course also includes the booking for your next driving test.

Benefits of Intensive Driving Lessons

● It often takes many months of lessons before a learner driver can take their practical test. Intensive driving lessons in Sudbury will give you everything you need to pass your test in just a few weeks.

● The more driving lessons you need to take, the more expensive it can turn out to be in the long run. However, intensive driving lessons in Sudbury will end up saving you a lot of time and money.

● Perhaps you already have driving experience under your belt, or you just need to get your licence quickly? In either case, intensive driving lessons in Sudbury will focus on what you need to know in order to pass your test quickly.

Why Choose NxtGen For Your Intensive Driving Course in Sudbury?

All our instructors have full registration with the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and are qualified to teach both normal and intensive driving lessons in Sudbury and throughout East Anglia. We cater lessons around your needs so that you do not feel overwhelmed while offering several lessons per day to those who feel more confident and experienced.

When you book with NxtGen Driving Academy for your intensive driving lessons in Sudbury, we offer full payment up front or low-interest monthly instalments through Payl8r. To find out more about our intensive driving lessons or to book one for yourself, get in touch with us today.

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