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Taking LGV Driving Lessons

If you’re thinking about a career change, it’s worth noting that there is a shortage of lorry drivers in the UK. The freight industry has also been booming over the last few years, creating a big demand for van drivers. A large goods vehicle (LGV) licence allows you to operate a truck or lorry. When you first look at the process of obtaining an LGV licence, it can appear overwhelming. There are many different licences that each have different requirements, and this guide will help you understand what is involved in the courses. So, if you are planning on taking LGV driving lessons, here’s a rundown of what to expect!

The LGV Licence Roadmap

The first thing you should plan before you begin your lessons is what licence you need. There are strict progression rules that you must follow. Before you apply for your C+E driving licence, you need to complete your C LGV Class 2 test first. LGV training provides you with three basic components. First, you need to understand the theory of operating larger vehicles. Once you get the basics down, then you can begin the physical training. If you plan to drive professionally, you must also be CPC certified. The final component is obtaining the knowledge required for the CPC certification. You can take the LGV C+E course as a combined option at NxtGen Driving Academy. This can save you time and money, so it makes sense to plan ahead!

A Day in the Life of an LGV Learner

All courses with NxtGen Driving Academy revolve around your experience. Since you will get one-on-one training, the intensity of the course will depend on your previous experience. If you have only ever driven your car, you may need a bit more work in certain areas. You will begin in the classroom as your instructor will give you tips on how to prepare for the multiple-choice exam. You will also watch videos to prepare for the hazard perception test. Next, you will get behind the wheel and practice driving, braking, cornering, reversing, and all the other skills you need. You can usually complete each license in as little as four days, and each licence finishes with a practical assessment. This will include testing your knowledge of how to check the safety of your vehicle.

Why Choose NxtGen For Your LGV Driving Lessons?

The length of your course will really depend on your previous experience level. You can ease your workload by doing some self-study before you start your course, but all LGV driver training at NxtGen Driving Academy is tailored to your individual level. Your instructor is with you at all times so you get one-on-one training that will help you achieve your goal. If you are committed and determined, you will get your LGV licence with ease.

If you are ready to take your C+E Class 1 training in a fun, laid-back environment, then book your first lesson with NxtGen today!

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