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Under 17’s Driving Lessons

Would you or your loved one like the opportunity to gain vital experience and knowledge ahead of your driving lessons commence? Perhaps you’re so excited, you just don’t want to wait! Our under 17 off road driving lessons are a perfect way to get ahead.

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Why is an off road under 17’s course a good idea?

Learning to drive can be an overwhelming experience, particularly for young people who have to navigate the car as well as the rules of the road. However, taking an under 17 driving course can provide many benefits, including improved safety, increased confidence, and early preparation for driving. In this way, under 17 driving courses can be an excellent idea for young people who want to gain valuable experience and knowledge before they are legally allowed to drive on their own.

  • Improved safety: Under 17 driving courses provide young people with the opportunity to learn the basics of driving in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Increased confidence: Learning to drive can be a daunting experience, especially for young people who are new to the road. By taking an under 17 driving course, learners can gain valuable experience and build their confidence behind the wheel, making them better prepared for when they are legally allowed to drive on their own.
  • Early preparation: Taking an under 17 driving course can help young people to become familiar with the rules of the road and the responsibilities that come with driving, well before they are legally allowed to take to the roads. This can help to create responsible, safe and confident drivers who are better equipped to deal with the challenges of driving when they do obtain their license.

What does the day include?

You’ll come to our private driving range based at Wattisham Airbase in Suffolk, and gear up for a 45 minute session with one of our expert instructors. Here you’ll get to test out manoeuvres, learn the basics of safe driving preparing you before you’re able to start learning with us properly after your 17th birthday.

We’re offering Under 17’s the chance to come and have a fun and relaxed session with our instructors at our private Suffolk grounds. Here, youngsters will get a taste of manoeuvres, clutch control, steering position and getting the car going. We aim the day to prepare students ahead of time, so that first official lesson they’ll feel far more at ease.

Team NxtGen is bursting at the seams with approved driving instructors (ADIs) with years of experiencing driving to put you at ease and make learning to drive fun. Sign up to our under 17’s driving experience today!

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Expert tuition to help you gain your freedom faster

Our next upcoming off-road sessions is the May half term in 2023, if you would like to arrange your first off-road driving lesson, or you’d like to know our hourly rates please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll put you firmly in the picture.

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