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What is Pass Plus?

For some, once they pass their driving test they feel ready to get out there on the road. Yet others can feel very hesitant about driving on their own, and may not feel confident that they are ready to face everyday challenges without an instructor next to them. This can lead to anxiety and a reluctance to drive. So, what is Pass Plus? It is the UK Government’s scheme designed to help newly qualified drivers overcome their fears. Here is our guide to the scheme.

What is the Pass Plus Scheme?

Pass Plus is a driving course consisting of six modules designed to help new drivers improve their skills on the road. An approved driving instructor teaches the course which lasts around six hours in total. The course is not compulsory, and you can take it at any time after you have passed your test. However, we recommend that you take the test within the first year of getting your licence.

What Will I Learn on a Pass Plus Course?

There are six modules in the course, each lasting an hour:

  1. Town Driving – Learn how to drive in urban settings. Find out how to navigate junctions, underpasses, and different vehicle lanes.
  2. All Weather Driving – Learn how to drive in a wide range of weather conditions including snow, fog and bright sunshine. Find out how to avoid and handle skidding as well as safe stopping distances.
  3. Rural Road Driving – Find out how to drive in the countryside. Learn about blind bends and sharp corners, how to avoid animals and farm vehicles on the road, and safe passing places.
  4. Night Driving – Boost your confidence when it comes to driving in the dark. Learn the correct use of headlamps, adjusting to different light levels, and how to judge speed and distance.
  5. Dual Carriageway Driving – Gain more experience driving on dual carriageways. Learn how to join and leave carriageways as well as overtaking, lane discipline, and keeping safe distances.
  6. Motorway Driving – Build up your experience when driving on motorways. Find out how to maintain a safe speed, how to follow signs and lanes, how to deal with fatigue, and what to do if you breakdown.

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The price of the Pass Plus course depends on several factors. This includes your location, who the instructor is, and the length of the training course. Generally, a Pass Plus course costs between £150-£200, although some local councils offer discounted rates in their area.

Is it Worth Booking a Pass Plus Course?

If you are lacking in confidence on the roads after passing your test, the Pass Plus course can help enhance your skills. The course is designed to help you get to grips with all kinds of driving situations that may not have been covered in the test. While this course is not for everyone, it is highly recommended for those who want to gain further experience and gain confidence behind the wheel. You may also find your insurance is cheaper, with many insurance companies offering up to 25% off your yearly quote.

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