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10 Reasons to Sign Up for Refresher Driving Lessons

Even after you’ve received your driving licence, you might feel like you need to brush up on your driving skills. This is where refresher driving lessons can help you develop and maintain your skills on the road. Here are ten reasons to sign up for refresher lessons today!

1. Updating Knowledge and Skills

Perhaps a long time has passed since you earned your licence, and you want to ensure you are up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Refresher lessons can focus on the area you need to boost your experience in on the road and build your confidence.

2. Leaving the City

If you come from a city like London with a strong public transport system, you may not have needed to use a car for a while. If you move to a quieter location in the East of England, you’ll find that you need a car to get around more easily. Refresher lessons will help you get those old driving skills back!

3. Accidents

Perhaps you’ve been involved in a car accident and you now find you no longer have the nerve to get behind the wheel again. With the guidance of a qualified driving instructor by your side, refresher lessons can help you regain your confidence.

4. Moving Countries

If earned your licence in another country, you might be unsure of the rules set by the UK government. A refresher lesson can help you get to grips with different road rules such as left-hand driving, speed limits, and so on.

5. New Families

It’s one thing to drive yourself, but it’s quite another to be looking after and transporting children on the road. If you need to brush up on road safety and improve your driving skills to keep your family safe, refresher lessons are the answer.

6. Newly Single

It is not uncommon for one member of a relationship to be the one who does most of the driving. If that relationship should end for whatever reason, refresher lessons can prepare your transition from passenger back to primary driver.

7. New Vehicle

Sometimes a new car can take some time to get used to. The controls may be different to your previous car, or it might take up more space on the road. Maybe you’ve switched from a manual gearbox to an automatic? Refresher lessons can help you adjust to your new car faster than usual.

8. Rural Roads

If you’re not used to the narrow, winding roads of the East Anglian countryside, then you might find driving there stressful! However, if you take a few refresher lessons on rural roads you can build up enough knowledge to drive in the countryside with confidence.

9. Motorways

Maybe you’re planning on getting out of Norfolk and Suffolk and hitting the M25, or planning a trip further afield. If so, motorway driving may feel stressful if you haven’t done it before. Refresher lessons can show you all the basics of motorway use, including using carriageways, navigating junctions, and more.

10. Prosecution

If you have received any penalties for your driving in the past, your confidence in driving may be diminished. If so, refresher lessons can focus on and improve any areas you might be struggling with.

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