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Why Should I Take an Advanced Driving Course?

Completing your driving test is a big milestone in life. You gain knowledge and skills, but more importantly, it gives you independence! However, you should keep your skills sharp and never stop learning, as cars and roads are constantly being upgraded! Driving rules can also change over time, so you need to keep up with the current rules. If you want to improve your knowledge and skills, advanced driving lessons are the perfect solution.

Lower Car Insurance Costs

The main reason people take advanced driving lessons is often safety, but there are other interesting benefits that you gain from completing an advanced course. The Pass Plus driving course is designed to give you extra training and knowledge. Completing this course could save you up to 25% on your yearly insurance costs, but it does depend on your particular insurer, so it is best to ask them what their policy is. These yearly savings could pay back the initial cost of the course.

Become a More Skilled Driver with Advanced Driving Lessons

During a Pass Plus course, you will learn more advanced driving skills. Your instructor will show you how to better navigate traffic and avoid accidents. That in itself will save you money as it will help keep your no claims bonus intact, and avoiding accidents is the best way to stay safe! You will also learn advanced techniques that you can apply every time you drive. These will include smoother braking and more efficient acceleration and deceleration. These skills will save you on fuel costs, as well as general wear and tear on your car.

Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Others

With advanced driving skills, you are better equipped to deal with emergencies. And as you improve your techniques, you will become more relaxed behind the wheel. This helps to reduce anxiety when driving in bad weather or on a busy motorway. You will feel more comfortable driving and better prepared for challenging conditions. Being able to remain calm and read the road ahead will give you incredible peace of mind. You will be much more in control of your car, and this can help keep you safe. That, in turn, protects your passengers and people in other vehicles.

Upgrade Your Driving Skills with Advanced Driving Lessons

Advanced driving lessons can help you gain more confidence behind the wheel. These skills not only save you money but also help keep you, and others, safe. Cars, roads, and rules will keep evolving, and so should you. Our experienced instructors can help you keep up with this changing world.

Whether you are an experienced driver who would like to brush up on your technique or have just passed your test and would like to learn more, contact team NxtGen today!

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