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Benefits of Taking Automatic Driving Lessons

For many people who want to learn to drive, automatic driving lessons can be the perfect option. It’s the ideal solution for people who are a little older or for anyone with a disability. It’s less demanding both physically and mentally, and has many advantages for fledgling drivers of any age.

The fastest growing driving school in East Anglia, NxtGen Driving Academy will guide you every step of the way. Our team of instructors have years of experience in automatic cars, and we care about the people we teach. So let’s take a closer look at the advantages of automatic car driving lessons.

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The difference between automatic and manual

Whether a car is manual or automatic, the gears are a crucial element of the driving process. That’s because when speeding up or slowing down, the car needs to be shifted into the appropriate gear. In a manual car this involves pressing down the clutch pedal and moving the gear stick to the right position.

An automatic car, on the other hand, will take account of your speed and change gear automatically (hence the name, of course). There’s no clutch pedal to worry about and no gear stick to operate whilst driving – just an accelerator and a brake. This is why automatic driving lessons are considered to be much more straightforward than manual ones.

The benefits of automatic driving lessons

A simpler process

From the moment you turn on the ignition, auto driving lessons are a much simpler process (to start up a manual car you need to have your foot on the clutch pedal). You don’t have to learn and remember which gear you should be in, or when you need to change. It also means you can keep both hands on the wheel, allowing greater control as you learn.

Increased confidence

One of the terrors of learning to drive a manual car is the ever present possibility of stalling. That and the danger of rolling backwards on a hill! Mastering the clutch can be a challenge, and can slow down the learning process. Unless an automatic car has a fault, it won’t stall and it won’t roll backwards. This helps to boost confidence in pupils taking automatic car driving lessons.

Better car control

Not having to worry about the clutch and gear changes can be beneficial in other ways, too. It allows new drivers more time to concentrate on learning how to control and manoeuvre the vehicle. This in turn can lead to better judgement of speed, and ability to read the road. In other words, if you’re not concentrating on changing gear, you’re more likely to spot potential hazards up ahead.

Less expensive

Because automatic driving lessons are simpler and help to inspire confidence, new drivers often learn more quickly. That means fewer lessons, which makes it a more cost-effective option.

Whatever your age or ability, automatic driving lessons could be the perfect option for you. For more information or to book your first lesson, please contact the team at NxtGen Driving Academy today.

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