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Considering Becoming a Driving Instructor?

You might have thought seriously about becoming a driving instructor. It’s a good job and one that has a unique set of advantages. Let’s take a look at five of them.

the advantages of becoming a driving instructor

You choose the hours you want to work

Becoming a driving instructor is great for your work-life balance. You choose the hours you want to work and slot lessons in accordingly. If you have a young family you can take them to nursery or school prior to your first lesson and take a break when school finishes to collect them. There is plenty of demand out there for the service you will offer and you can be as busy as you want.

Being your own boss

Sometimes it’s difficult to fit your family life around your job, particularly if you have an unsympathetic boss. With driving instructing you are your own boss. If you prefer to start late and work in to the evening, only want to work with certain clients, or have commitments to fit around your work, that’s up to you. You control your workload.

Take your holidays when you want to

Another benefit is that driving instructors take their holidays when it suits them. No more having to fit breaks around those of colleagues, being forced to take the company’s annual holiday, or wishing you had more time off at Christmas. Theoretically you can have as many holidays as you want.

You meet people from all walks of life

Becoming a driving instructor is a great way to meet people. You will teach people of all ages from different walks of life, and you need to be patient and personable. Each individual you teach will be different and guiding them through the process of learning to drive can be a hugely satisfying experience.

Contributing to road safety

Becoming a driving instructor means you join the ranks of thousands of other instructors throughout the country. Your students will look up to you, and you can influence the way they approach and think about driving. The student will pick up the practical skills they need to drive a car, but by talking to them about your experience as an instructor and about driving, you will help them develop road safety skills, drive considerately and treat other road users with respect. By becoming a driving instructor, you are contributing to making our roads safer.

Great job satisfaction

Teaching anyone anything brings great satisfaction, but teaching driving is special. Most learner drivers will first get in your vehicle feeling apprehensive having never been behind the wheel of a car before. You help them overcome that initial fear and, as you move through each lesson, guiding them toward become a competent driver – a hugely beneficial life skill. Soon, the day comes when they pass their driving test and are ready to shake your hand. What a tremendous feeling of job satisfaction that must provide. That is what becoming a driving instructor is all about. Find out how to become a driving instructor in our latest article.

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