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How Do I Become a Driving Instructor?

Becoming a driving instructor is a rewarding career choice. If you like driving, it’s a great job opportunity that affords you independence, and you also get to meet many different people and pass your knowledge on to them! This guide will help you understand the necessary steps to become a driving instructor if you’re interested in this career path.

Who Can Apply for a Driving Instructor Course?

Before you can begin your training, there are a few standards that you need to meet. To begin with, you must be 21 years or over and have held a clean driving licence for over three years. You must also have the time to commit, as your course will usually take 4 to 6 weeks.

Applying to Be a Driving Instructor

Once you meet the criteria above you can apply for a driving instructor course. Before commencing the course, you need to register with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). They will require you to take a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, and once this is approved, you can complete the application process and begin your course.

Enrol on to a Training Course

Before you take your driving instructor test, you need to find your driving school. NxtGen Driving Academy is the fastest growing driving school in East Anglia, and with finance options available, you can complete the course at your own pace! A typical course will last around 6 weeks depending on the pace you wish to progress.

Take the Theory Test (ADI part 1)

The first part of your training is theory-based. There are 100 driving theory questions that you need to answer. You need a score of 85% to continue to part 2.

Take the Practical Test (ADI part 2)

Part 2 of your training requires 20 hours of driving tuition, and you must re-sit your driving test. Plus, you have to drive for 60 minutes while receiving no more than six minor faults.

Choose to Become a Fully Qualified or Trainee Driving Instructor

Part 3 of your training is teacher-based. After 40 hours of training, you can obtain a PDI Training Licence. This licence lasts for 6 months, and 20 more hours of training are necessary before taking your test. Your final test takes one hour, and you need to teach a student. A DVSA Examiner will inspect your teaching skills.

How Do I Become a Driving Instructor in East Anglia?

Training with NxtGen can be paid for in a lump sum, or on a pay as you go basis. Franchised driving instructors working for NxtGen pay a weekly fee. The amount of this fee depends on which package you choose. For the first 4 weeks, you pay a reduced rate, and then you pay the fee that corresponds to your package. Choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze packages depending on your needs.

As one of the regions fastest growing driving schools, you are in expert hands with NxtGen! Find out more about becoming a driving instructor, and contact us today to begin your driving instructor training.

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