How to Achieve a D1+E License with NxtGen Academy

How to Achieve a D1+E License

Achieve your D1E licence with NxtGen

Learning to drive a minibus and tow a trailer can take several days of training, depending on your level of driving experience. Once you obtain your D1+E licence you will be permitted to drive D1 category minibuses with a trailer of over 750kg maximum authorised mass (MAM). The combined MAM of both the minibus and the trailer cannot exceed 12,000kg.

D1 Driver Training - Minibus Driving Lessons

Training courses aimed at those with existing D1 entitlement

It’s important to note that you cannot apply for your D1+E licence without passing the D1 test first. NxtGen Driving Academy also offers D1 training courses to help you pass the test that entitles you to drive a minibus seating up to 16 passengers.

Team NxtGen is proven in equipping budding commercial drivers with the theoretical and practical know-how to pass their D1+E test and go on to safely drive a minibus with a trailer in tow for many years ahead. From perfecting manoeuvres and reversing your minibus and trailer through to angled starts and unhitching and hitching your trailer, we do our best to cover all bases.

Learn with us!

If you wish to not only drive a minibus but tow additional goods in a trailer behind it, you’ll need to obtain your D1+E licence. At NxtGen, we offer commercial driving courses for D1+E applicants across Suffolk, Norfolk and parts of Essex and Cambridgeshire. All our training courses are carried out on a one-to-one basis, giving you expert tuition in a fun, laid-back environment. Take a look at our price list and don’t forget, we have partnered with Funding Falcon to offer you finance options.

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